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Renters May Age Faster Than Homeowners, Study Finds

Renting a home, rather than owning it outright, may speed up the body's aging process, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that when compared with people who owned their home outright (no mortgage), those who rented showed signs of faster "biological aging" -- which meant their body cells and tissues were a bit "older."

On average, the impact was equivalent to just a small fract...

Wegovy, Ozempic Help Folks Lose Weight, But How?

As many doctors and patients hail the advent of weight-loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy as the perfect fix for obesity, some experts are urging caution.

The drugs are not well-tolerated by everyone struggling with obesity. For some folks, the weight piles back on as soon as the medication stops. There are also financial and ethical considerations, according to a commentary published onl...

Music Lovers' Physiology 'Synchronizes' at Classical Music Concerts

New research suggests that concert goers may synchronize their breathing and more as they listen to the intricacies of a classical symphony performance.

Previous studies have shown that music may be able to induce synchronization in listeners, but the authors of this study said there has been little investigation into whether concert audiences actually become synchronized.

This new ...

Strike a Pose: Yoga Helps Heart Failure Patients

Heart failure can make everyday activities and exercise tough to carry out, but yoga might be a beneficial add-on to standard care.

A new study from India finds this ancient practice improves quality of life and cardio functioning.

"Our patients observed improvement in systolic blood pressure and heart rate compared to patients who were on medication without yoga,"said lead stu...

Yoga Might Do Wonders for Women's Aging Brains

Yoga is known for its benefits to both the mind and body. And a gentle form of yoga may be an ideal early intervention technique for older women at risk of Alzheimer's disease, new research suggests.

In a small study involving kundalini yoga, participants reported that its stress-relieving effects translated to more efficient memory.

"Women tend to practice yoga more readily t...

Stressed? Depressed? Mindfulness Training Could Offer Long-Term Relief

The centuries-old practice of mindfulness is having a moment in present times, and a new study finds the therapy can improve mental health for at least six months.

Analyzing the results of 13 prior studies, U.K. researchers concluded that in-person, teacher-led mindfulness courses were tied to reduced stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness "was the seventh step of the Noble Eightfold...

Aim to Live Happier This Summer. Here's How

It might seem like sunshine, vacation and time spent with family and friends will bring you happiness this summer.

But sometimes it takes a little more effort, said Lina Begdache, an associate professor of health and wellness studies at Binghamton University, State University of N...

Mind May Hold Clues to Your Risk of Long COVID

In trying to untangle the mysteries of long COVID, researchers have found anxiety and depression may play a role for some of those with the lingering condition.

In the study from researchers at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), patients who perceived that they had thinking difficulties during COVID infection were also more likely to have lingering physical symptoms than those...

Mindfulness Approach Helps Ease the Stress of Parenting a Child With Autism

"Mindfulness" practices may help parents of young children with autism manage their daily stressors, and it could benefit their kids in the process, a preliminary study suggests.

Parenting is stressful, and studies show that parents of kids with autism often have particularly high stress levels.

Autism is a developmental brain disorder that, to varying degrees, impairs communication...

Mind-Reading Technology Can Turn Brain Scans Into Language

A mind-reading device seems like science fiction, but researchers say they're firmly on the path to building one.

Using functional MRI (fMRI), a newly developed brain-computer interface can read a person's thoughts and translate them into full sentences, according to a report publish...

How Does Stress Affect the Body?

Figuring out how stress affects your body can be a challenge, because the answer can depend on how stressed out you are, and for how long.

For instance, recent research has shown that low-to-moderate stress levels may actually be good for your ability to learn and apply knowledge. High st...

Healthy Relationships Could Bring Healthier Bodies, Study Shows

Close relationships -- and whether your experiences within those relationships are positive or negative -- could influence your physical health.

New research found that the way you feel about your close relationships may affect the way your body functions.

"Both positive and negative experiences in our relationships contribute to our daily stress, coping and physiology, like blood p...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Takes Big Toll on Mental Health

When Dr. Yezaz Ghouri sees patients with the cramping, abdominal pain and diarrhea that are hallmark symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), he'll typically ask how life's going.

More often than not, his patients say they are experiencing stress in their lives.

Now, Ghouri's team has establishe...

In Tibetan Monk Study, Hints That Meditating Can Alter Gut Microbes

Meditation might help a person's gut health -- but it takes a lot of meditation over a long time.

Tibetan Buddhist monks appear to have gut microbes that differ substantially from others living near them, a new study reports.

Those differences have previously been linked to a lower ri...

Exercise, Mindfulness May Not Boost Seniors' Thinking, Memory

Exercise and mindfulness are known for their health benefits, but a new study found that didn't extend to boosting memory or thinking skills in healthy seniors.

That doesn't mean these activities wouldn't be beneficial for memory if practiced for a longer period of time or in adults with impairments, the researchers noted, just that there were not apparent benefits during the study.


Tips for 'Stomaching' the Holidays If You Have IBS

Stress affects gut health and intensifies pain, which -- for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) -- can make traveling to see family during the holiday season excruciating.

"People living with IBS often say the holidays are especially stressful, above and beyond the typical holiday stress most people report having," said

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  • November 24, 2022
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  • Take the Mindful Way to Lower Blood Pressure

    Mindfulness is a centuries-old practice that's become trendy in recent years -- and a new study now says it can help your heart health.

    Training in mindfulness can help people better manage their high blood pressure by helping them stick to healthy lifestyle changes, a new clinical trial reports.

    An eight-week customized mindfulness program helped people lower their systolic blood p...

    Yoga, Mindfulness Could Be Powerful Tools to Manage Blood Sugar

    Yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices may help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar -- nearly to the degree that standard medications like metformin do, a new analysis suggests.

    That does not mean people should swap their medication for

  • Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter
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  • October 5, 2022
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  • Alternative Medicine Popular Among Seniors, But Most Don't Tell Their Doctors About It

    Lots of older folks are turning to alternative medicine to help them with the pains of aging -- but they don't necessarily think that's any of their doctor's business.

    About 40% of older adults use at least one alternative medicine practice to help w...

    U.K. School Studies Find No Benefit of Mindfulness for Kids' Mental Health

    As rates of teenage anxiety and depression climb in the United States, parents and teachers are rushing to solve the mental health crisis.

    Some have proposed mindfulness training in schools as a therapeutic tool, but a review of studies out of the United Kingdom indicates it may be time to consid...

    Can Mindfulness Really Change Your Brain?

    Meditation and other mindfulness practices may improve your attention, but they won't lead to structural changes in your brain in the short-term, according to a new study.

    Previous studies have shown that learning new skills, aerobic exercise and balance training could trigger changes in the brain, and some research has suggested that mindfulness regimens could do the same.

    To find ...

    Could Meditation Strengthen Your Immune System?

    Meditation done at an intense level may bring a significant boost to the inner workings of your immune system.

    The finding follows a blood sample analysis that took pre- and post-meditation snapshots of genetic activity among more than 100 men and women.

    That analysis suggested that

    As Holidays Return to Normal, Here's How to De-Stress

    A return to a more normal holiday season may also mean higher stress levels, so an expert offers some coping tips.

    Don't get too focused on buying the perfect presents, making the best dinner or planning the perfect party. Try to be mindful of pleasant things and moments, suggested Jennifer Wegmann, a health and wellness studies lecturer at Binghamton University, State University of New Y...

    Mindfulness Can Boost Your Mindset After Cardiac Arrest

    Shining a light on the powerful link between the mind and body, a new study suggests that cardiac arrest survivors who learn to focus their thoughts on the here and now during recovery are less likely to become depressed or anxious.

    The finding centers on a mental health practice known as "mindfulness," which amounts to a sort of stop-and-smell-the-roses approach to life.


    School-Based Mindfulness Program Gives Big Boost to Young Kids' Sleep

    Children tend to sleep less as they approach early adolescence, perhaps because of the pressures of homework and the presence of social media.

    Now, new research suggests that loss of precious slumber is not inevitable.

    The researchers found that a school-based program in mindfulness training -- which involves being present in the moment, deep breathing and yoga movements -- helped ...

    Tai Chi Equal to 'Regular' Exercise in Trimming Your Tummy

    Could exercise that uses slow movements and breathing, like tai chi, do as much for trimming belly fat in older adults as aerobic exercise?

    It might. A new study found that individuals aged 50 and up who practiced tai chi for 12 weeks lost about as much waist circumference as older adults who did conventional exercise (such as aerobics and strength training).

    Though tai chi is consi...

    CBD: How Much Pain Relief Is Real and How Much Is Placebo?

    CBD is all the rage, and millions of people are turning to it for a host of reasons, including pain relief.

    But despite CBD's popularity and widespread use, new research finds it's actual benefits are less clear.

    The bottom line? CBD -- and your expectations about whether it will help (the "placebo effect") -- can make pain feel less bothersome, but it doesn't appear to reduce pain ...

    For Maximum Effectiveness, De-Stress and Get Healthy Before Your COVID Shot

    Not many people have had the opportunity to get the COVID-19 vaccine yet.

    But while you wait your turn, there are some steps you can take to give the vaccine -- whichever brand you get -- a boost when it's available to you.

    An Ohio State University review of 49 vaccine studies dating back 30 years examined how stress, depression and healthy behaviors, such as exercise, can affect im...

    'Mindfulness' on Your Mind? It Has Limits, Review Finds

    Mindfulness is all the rage when it comes to boosting mental health, but new research suggests that it may not help everyone equally.

    Practicing mindfulness meditation -- which involves paying close attention to what you are feeling in the moment -- may be better than doing nothing at all to improve anxiety, depression or lower stress, but it is not a cure-all and may not be any better th...

    Can Mindfulness Help Ease Migraine?

    A mind-body practice that combines meditation and yoga might help people better manage migraine pain, a new clinical trial finds.

    The trial, which tested the effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), found that the approach helped relieve migraine sufferers' depression and disability. It also boosted how they rated their quality of life.

    MBSR is a standardized, eight-wee...

    Mindfulness May Ease the Emotional Burden of MS

    Mindfulness training may help counter the thinking and emotional difficulties caused by multiple sclerosis.

    In a small test study, people with multiple sclerosis (MS) who had four weeks of mindfulness training emerged with better emotional control and faster thinking.

    Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the immune system attacks the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves....

    Mindfulness a Powerful Tool for Aging

    Mindfulness may explain why many older people feel their life has gotten better with age, a new study suggests.

    Mindfulness is being aware of your experiences and paying attention to the present moment in a purposeful, receptive and non-judgmental way, and it can help reduce stress and promote good mental health, according to the Flinders University researchers.

    The study a...

    Mindfulness May Be a Balm for Breast Cancer Patients

    Women with advanced breast cancer might find mindfulness can ease their pain, anxiety and depression, a new study suggests.

    Mindfulness is the ability to keep your mind focused on the present moment.

    "Mindfulness helps us relate to our thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms in a different way," said study author Lauren Zimmaro, a postdoctoral fellow at Fox Chase Cancer Cen...

    Get Healthier With a Mental Reset

    Making the decision to live healthier often involves important steps such as losing weight and exercising more. These are significant goals and everyday lifestyle habits that you should commit to. But there's another type of "makeover" that can benefit you in equally important ways.

    That's changing your general outlook on life by boosting positivity. This mental tweak will put you in ...

    The Wellness Boost of a Purposeful Life

    Research has long shown how psychological disorders lead to poor physical health. Now scientists are learning more about the flip side of emotions, how living a purposeful life may have as many physical benefits as inspirational ones.

    Having purpose in life is simply believing that your life has meaning and that you live according to goals you set for yourself.

    One study fo...

    How to Find Your Best Exercise Style

    Are you trapped in an exercise routine that's good for your body, but isn't motivating your spirit? It's time to find your exercise style.

    One way is to make a list of the pros and cons of the exercise options that are most convenient for you and that you really like. For instance, exercise classes offer a lot of variety, but if the commute is too long or you're uncomfortable in a gro...

    2 Hours/Week in Nature: Your Prescription for Better Health?

    Spending just a couple of hours a week enjoying nature may do your body and mind some good, a new study suggests.

    The study, of nearly 20,000 adults in England, found that people who spent at least two hours outdoors in the past week gave higher ratings to their physical health and mental well-being.

    There could, of course, be many reasons that nature lovers were faring bett...

    Could You Have a Sensitive Gut?

    If you've ever wondered why emotional distress causes stomach cramps or a mad dash to the bathroom, know that there's a direct line of communication that runs from your brain to your digestive tract.

    It's called the enteric nervous system, and it can have a powerful effect.

    For instance, when you feel nervous or threatened, digestion can slow or stop so that your body can fo...

    Embracing 'Oneness' Boosts Satisfaction With Life: Study

    The feeling of "oneness" may make you more satisfied with your life, new research finds.

    Oneness is the belief that everything in the world is connected and interdependent.

    Two surveys of nearly 75,000 people in Germany found a strong link between life satisfaction and higher scores on concepts associated with oneness -- such as social connectedness, feeling close to nature ...

    Upbeat Attitude May Be a Pain Fighter

    Optimism may be key to coping with chronic pain, claims a new study of soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. And you don't need to be a vet to benefit from a positive attitude, the research suggests.

    Among nearly 21,000 veterans, those with a positive outlook before they were sent abroad reported fewer bouts with pain after deployment, including new back pain, joint pain and fr...

    'Mindfulness' Might Help Some Conquer Chronic Pain

    Instead of popping a painkiller, a little mindful yoga might go a long way toward easing longstanding pain, a new study suggests.

    The review of 21 clinical trials involving nearly 2,000 people looked at the effects of two drug-free options for chronic pain: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and a program called mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). It combines meditation and gen...

    An Upbeat Attitude Might Help Prevent 2nd Stroke

    If you've had a stroke, a positive outlook might just help prevent another one, a new study suggests.

    Researchers found that when people felt they could protect themselves from a second stroke, they had lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for a recurrent stroke.

    "You can protect yourself against stroke by reducing your risk factors. And t...

    Mindfulness Might Ease Menopause Symptoms

    Women who are "mindful" in their everyday activities seem to suffer fewer menopause symptoms, new research suggests.

    The study couldn't prove that it was the mindfulness that was keeping symptoms at bay, but it does add to evidence for a link, said lead researcher Dr. Richa Sood. She's a women's health specialist at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn.

    "Mindfulness" has been...

    Mindfulness Can Help Tame Everyday Stress

    Being in tune with the present moment -- called mindfulness -- can relieve stress and make you an actor rather than a reactor, a wellness expert says.

    Focusing on what's happening right now allows people to notice things they might otherwise miss, said Dr. Timothy Riley. He is an assistant professor in the family and community medicine department at Penn State Health.

    That ...