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Leg Workouts Around Retirement Could Keep You Mobile With Age

Folks nearing retirement shouldn’t skip leg days at the gym, a new study advises.

One year of heavy strength training preserves vital leg strength up to at least four years later, researchers found.

“This study provides evidence that resistance training wit...

Most Men Taking Bodybuilding Supplements Don't Know They Can Harm Fertility

Bodybuilders are largely unaware that the protein supplements they use to bulk up might harm their fertility, a new study shows.

Four out of five male gym enthusiasts (79%) said they use protein supplements as part of their fitness plan, the poll found.

But only 14% had considered how those supplements -- which contain high levels of the female hormone estrogen -- might impact their...

Don't Sweat It: Any Kind of Weightlifting Helps Build Muscle

Lifting weights regularly builds strength and muscle — and it doesn't matter if those weights are heavy or light.

It's the act itself, and being consistent, that pays off, according to a new study.

All forms of resistance training are beneficial, including body-weight exercises such as planks, lunges and push-ups, according to kinesiologists at McMaster University in Ontario, Cana...

Arm in a Cast? Exercising the Other Arm Can Curb Muscle Loss

You can keep an arm in a cast from wasting away, researchers say, by working out your free arm.

A small group of young men who performed eccentric contraction exercises with one arm — lowering a dumbbell in a slow and controlled motion — saw a 4% strength improvement in the other arm, even though it was immobilized by a cast at the elbow.

Another group assigned to perform concen...

Weightlifting Your Way to Weight Loss

Look at a bodybuilder who has bulked up with bulging muscles, and it might not seem that lifting weights can shed pounds. But first impressions can be deceiving.

Instead, experts say, building muscle can indeed be one way to transform your body and lose weight.

“Weightlifting activates your large muscle groups and, when done appropriately, can burn more calories than steady state...

Lots of Teen Boys Use Steroids, Often With Side Effects

Steroid users, especially teen boys and young men, seem indifferent to the serious side effects and dependency associated with use of the drugs, a new study finds.

“We're seeing more young adults and adolescent boys engaging in risk behaviors, such as the use of steroids, to achieve what many see as the ideal male body,” said lead author

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  • November 28, 2022
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  • Regular Weightlifting Could Lengthen Your Life

    Combining weightlifting with aerobic exercise can significantly lower your odds dying early, especially from heart disease, new research shows.

    Depending how much weightlifting they did, older adults reduced their risk of premature death by between 9% and 22%, the study found. Moderate or vigorous aerobic exercise lowered the risk by 24% to 34%. The lowest risk, however, was seen among th...

    Want to Maintain Muscle?  Frequency of Workouts Is Key

    Whether the goal is bulging biceps or just a bit more strength and mass, a relatively light workout several times a week beats a more intense one done just once a week.

    That's the conclusion of a small Australian study in which researchers spent a month tracking muscle-building progress among 36 college st...

    Vegan? Weightlifting May Protect Your Bones

    While a plant-based diet may be associated with lower bone mineral density and increased fracture risk, there might be a way to counteract that: pumping iron.

    New Austrian research shows that vegans who lift weights or do strength training have stronger bones than vegans who only do othe...

    Exercise Helps You Sleep, But Which Workout Is Best?

    Folks tussling with lousy sleep often turn to the sidewalk or the treadmill or the bike, figuring that aerobic exercise will earn them a few more minutes of solid snoozing.

    They might be better off hefting some weights, a new study argues.

    Resistance exercise appears to be better than aerobic workouts as a way to improve your 40 winks if you're having problems sleeping, researchers ...

    An Hour of Weight Training Per Week Can Extend Your Life

    Adding regular strength training to your exercise routine may not only make you stronger, but let you live longer, too, researchers in Japan report.

    Their new study says 30 to 60 minutes a week of muscle...

    Strength Training Is No Slouch for Shedding Pounds

    Strength training can help you lose weight, Australian researchers report.

    Their new study reports you can lose a percentage of body fat through strength training alone that is similar to weight loss through cardio or aerobics.

    "A lot of people think that if you want to lose weight, you need to go out and run," said researcher Mandy Hagstrom, an exercise physiologist and senior lect...

    Will High-Protein Diets Help the Middle-Aged Build Muscle?

    Middle-aged adults looking to boost their muscle mass do not need to bulk up on protein, a new study suggests.

    Researchers found that 10 weeks of strength training plus a moderate amount of protein were enough to build muscle in previously sedentary middle-aged people. And extra protein brought no added gains.

    The findings run counter to a common belief among exercisers, said resear...

    Weight Training Benefits Older Women, Men Equally, Study Shows

    When it comes to pumping iron, women have as much to gain as men.

    A new study compared the results of women and men aged 50 to 90 who started resistance training exercise programs, finding that though men were more likely to gain absolute muscle size, their gains were on par with women's relative to body size.

    "Historically, people tended to believe that men adapted to a greater deg...

    Older and Getting Surgery? Get Fit Beforehand

    Getting fit before surgery can limit the amount of muscle older adults will lose during their recovery, researchers say.

    Strength training before a scheduled operation ("prehabilitation") helps counteract muscle wasting during bed rest after a procedure. But it needs to be a long-term, targeted exercise program to be effective, according to the new report.

    For the study, Br...

    Fish Oil, Vitamin D and Exercise: How Helpful Are They If You're Over 70?

    Vitamin D, fish oil supplements and weight training have long been touted for their health benefits, but for healthy seniors, none of them -- either in combination or alone -- boosts physical or mental performance or prevents broken bones, Swiss researchers report.

    For three years, they tracked more than 2,100 men and women (average age: 74) who were randomly assigned to a program involvi...

    Exercise Surprise: Lifting Less Gets Better Results

    Changing up the amount of weight they lift could help weightlifters get stronger with less effort, a new study suggests.

    In traditional weight training -- called one rep max -- the maximum weight an athlete can lift dictates the weight load for all sessions.

    This study compared one rep max with an approach called load velocity profile, in which athletes lift varying weights ...

    Could High-Tempo Tunes Help Maximize Your Workout?

    Gyms are bustling with regulars and resolutioners, all working up a sweat. But what's the secret to an easy, effective workout? It may be in the music.

    A new study found that listening to music at a higher tempo reduces the perceived effort of exercise. For endurance exercises, such as walking on a treadmill, the effects were greatest.

    "We found that listening to high-tempo mu...

    The Essential Upper Arm Shape-Up

    Just because your upper arms are temporarily hidden under sweaters and jackets doesn't mean you should neglect them. Here's how to tone them with weights for better definition now and when they're fully back in view.

    Hammer Curls: These are an effective variation of the bicep curl. Stand straight, a dumbbell in each hand, arms at your sides, wrists facing inward. Without moving...

    A Workout to Shape Your Shoulders

    Don't shrug off working your delts, the muscles of your shoulders. Besides assisting with good posture, strong shoulders help you lift and carry items with ease, and create excellent upper body definition for men and women alike.

    Deltoid rows work not only your shoulders, but also your biceps, lats and the muscles of your middle back. Begin in a standing position, knees slightl...

    The Surprising Benefits of Weight Training

    The most common misconception about weight training is that it adds bulky muscle mass, a fear of some women. While elite male lifters can -- and want to -- get very developed, for most people the result is simply well-toned muscles.

    Other benefits are increased mobility, more support for your joints and the ability to stay self-sufficient into your late years.

    As an added b...

    How to Get the Jiggle Out: 3 Exercises to Tone Your Upper Arms

    Getting your upper arms in shape is a worthy ambition in any season, and the triceps are the muscles to target for a sleek look.

    Toning them can be a challenge, but the "triceps extension" and variations of this key strength training move make up the core of an effective training routine.

    For the basic triceps extension, lie flat on a mat with knees bent and hip-width apart...

    Muscle Power Might Be Key to Long Life

    If you want to celebrate many more birthdays, new research suggests you should speed up your weight-lifting routine.

    Boosting muscle power, which is different than muscle strength, translated into longer lives, the Brazilian scientists said.

    What exactly is the difference?

    For example, climbing stairs requires muscle power -- the faster you climb, the more power yo...

    Which Type of Exercise Might Lower Your Diabetes Risk?

    Boosting your muscle strength could help ward off type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests.

    Even moderate amounts of resistance exercise may help prevent type 2 diabetes, said the study's corresponding author, Duck-chul Lee. He's an associate professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University.

    For the study, Lee's team tracked more than 4,500 adults, aged 20 to 100. The investig...