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13 Dec

Does ‘Baby Talk’ Really Help Your Baby Learn to Speak?

Baby talk may be a key component in helping babies form words, researchers say.

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Could a COVID Infection Help You Ward Off the Common Cold?

If you get infected with COVID-19, there may be a sliver of a silver lining: COVID may help protect you against the common cold, researchers say.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 belongs to a large and diverse family of coronaviruses that include common cold viruses.

Because viruses in this f...

Could Obesity Blunt the Response to the COVID Vaccine?

Obesity can complicate the course of COVID-19. Now, a new study says it can also reduce the effectiveness of COVID vaccines.

The researchers also found that the two vaccines used in their study triggered different levels of immune responses in severely obese people. They found, too, that prior infection had an impact.

"These results provide new information on the antibody response t...

Antibiotics in Infancy May Weaken Response to Childhood Vaccines

Babies and toddlers who've been given antibiotics might have a less vigorous immune response to routine childhood vaccinations, new research warns.

The study is the first to suggest that antibiotics might dampen youngsters' ability to generate infection-fighting antibodies in response to vaccination.

Experts caut...

COVID Infection as Protective as Vaccines, Study Finds

A prior COVID-19 infection may provide unvaccinated adults with as much immunity against reinfection as the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccines, new research suggests.

However, the study was conducted before the surge of the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

"We found that...

Does the Moderna Vaccine Best the Pfizer Shot?

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine may have some slight advantages over the Pfizer shot, new research suggests.

For the study, researchers tracked antibody levels in 234 people for 10 months after they received either the two-dose Pfizer (114 people) or Moderna (114 people) mRNA vaccines,...

More Evidence COVID Vaccine Offers Good Protection for Most Cancer Patients

Vaccines did a good job protecting most cancer patients against COVID-19, but those with blood cancers remain at risk for breakthrough infections, new research suggests.

The study analyzed nationwide data on more than 64,000 U.S. cancer patients who were vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. The researchers looked a...

Should You Get a COVID Booster Shot?

Now that many Americans can get not one, but two booster shots, how do you know if they are right for you?

Michigan Medicine-University of Michigan offers some advice based on updated findings and recommendations.

"Everyone over age 12 should get a [first] booster shot to help protect ...

Had COVID? Getting Vaccine Boosts Resilience Even More, Studies Show

If you've had COVID-19 but not your COVID shot, you may wonder if getting a vaccine now will really help you.

It will, two new studies say.

Researchers in Brazil and Sweden confirmed that COVID-19 vaccines provided significant additional protection for people who had alrea...

HIV Meds May Also Shield Against COVID Infection

Certain antiviral drugs used to treat HIV may also guard against COVID-19 infection, a new study suggests.

The researchers found that people with HIV who are on antiretroviral treatment (

  • By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter
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  • March 28, 2022
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  • Babies, Toddlers Produce Stronger Immune Response to COVID Than Adults

    In a finding that could influence future COVID vaccine recommendations for the youngest Americans, new research finds that infants and toddlers have a stronger immune response to the new coronavirus than adults do.

    To arrive at that conclusion, scientists analyzed blood samples collected from 682 unvaccinated children and adults up to age 62, in 175 Maryland households between November 20...

    Antibodies From COVID Infection Shield Kids for Up to 7 Months

    Antibodies from a COVID-19 infection linger in most children for up to seven months, even if they had no symptoms, a new study finds.

    To come to that reassuring conclusion, researchers analyzed data from...

    Immunization Against Common Infection of Babies Could Be Near

    Each year, RSV sends as many as 58,000 kids under age 5 to U.S. hospitals, but a vaccine in development may dramatically reduce the risk for severe illness.

    RSV, short for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, typically circul...

    Infected People Gain Long-Lasting Immunity Against Coronavirus: Study

    People who've had COVID-19 may have long-term immune protection against new variants of the virus, but researchers say vaccination remains the best safeguard against reinfection.

    Their small new study analyzed blood samples from 24 people whose COVID infections ranged from symptom...

    Variants of COVID Virus May 'Hide Out' in Body: Study

    It looks like coronavirus variants can hide out in the human body much like some of their viral cousins do, making it hard for infected people to get rid of the virus entirely, researchers report.

    Successive variants have appeared since ...

    Working Out After Your COVID Shot Might Boost Immunity

    If want to get more out of your next flu shot or COVID-19 vaccination, an early study hints at a simple way: Take a long, brisk walk afterward.

    Researchers found that when people exercised moderately for 90 minutes right after either vaccination, their bodies produced more infection-fighting antibodies over the next month.


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  • February 21, 2022
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  • Use Antibiotics Sparingly After Birth to Preserve Newborn's 'Microbiome'

    New research suggests that doctors should be cautious about giving newborns antibiotics because they can upset a baby's gut microbiome -- the balance of bacteria in their digestive systems.

    "We were surprised with the magnitude and duration of the effects of broad spectrum anti...

    Had COVID? You're 5 Times More Prone to Get It Again If Unvaccinated

    After you have recovered from COVID-19, getting at least one dose of a vaccine provides added protection against reinfection, Israeli researchers report.

    Stay unvaccinated after a bout with COVID-19 and you're five times more likely than someone who has had the shot to get COVID again, the new study found. T...

    COVID Vaccine Is a Big Stress-Reliever, Too: Study

    While getting a COVID-19 vaccine protects against infection, new research confirms that it can also help ease pandemic-triggered stress.

    "Our study documents important psychological benefits of

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  • February 17, 2022
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  • Quality of Antibodies to COVID Improves Over Time: Study

    Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 grow more effective in the months after a person gets the Pfizer COVID vaccine, according to a new study.

    In sheer numbers, antibody levels did decline over the months after vaccination. However, the new findings showed that antibodies that remained became steadily stronger and m...

    Mom-to-Be's COVID Vaccine Brings Long-Term Protection to Baby

    Babies whose moms were vaccinated during pregnancy against COVID-19 have long-lasting antibody protection, a new study finds.

    "Many interested parties from parents to pediatricians want to know how long maternal antibodies persist in infants after vaccination, and now we can provide some answers," said co-senior study author Dr. Andrea Edlow. She is a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine...

    Getting a COVID Vaccine Won't Affect Your Ability to Exercise

    Worried that a COVID-19 vaccine might hamper your workout? New research suggests you can hit the gym with minimal effects.

    In a study of 18 healthy people who received a COVID-19 vaccine, the participants were monitored while they did cycling workouts before and two to three weeks after being fully vaccinated.

    The researchers also conducted exercise tests in a cont...

    COVID Infection May Boost Antibodies for Up to 20 Months

    If you've already had COVID-19, your natural antibodies may last as long as 20 months, a new study suggests.

    While this is reassuring, experts are quick to caution that the new findings don't necessarily mean you're protected against reinfection, and that vaccines remain an important part of a COVID-19 prevention strategy.


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  • February 7, 2022
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  • Seasonal Flu Shots Give Kids Broader Protection Against New Strains

    A new study finds that kids who have received years of seasonal flu shots have antibodies that provide wider protection against new influenza strains, something researchers say doesn't happen in adults.

    These findings could help efforts to develop a universal flu vaccine for children. That would be significant, according to the authors of the

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  • February 7, 2022
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  • Most Vaccine-Hesitant Health Care Workers Change Their Minds, Study Shows

    Most health care workers at a large U.S. hospital who initially refused COVID-19 vaccines eventually went and got their shots, new research reveals.


  • Robert Preidt
  • |
  • February 4, 2022
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  • Beyond Antibodies: Vaccines Teach Your Immune T-Cells to Fight COVID Long Term

    COVID-19 vaccines activate long-lasting immune system T-cells that target coronavirus variants of concern, including Delta and Omicron, new research shows.

    The research team at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California studied adults who were fully ...

    Hospital Defends Decision to Deny Heart Transplant to Unvaccinated Man

    In response to claims that a man was denied a heart transplant because he refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston said Wednesday that its transplant policies mirror those used across the United States.

    In a crowdfunding appeal for 31-year-old D.J. Ferguson, a father of two, his family said the hospital told him he was ineligible to receive a new ...

    Months After Moderna Booster, Antibodies Decline Faster With Omicron

    An initial surge in antibody levels against the Omicron variant after a booster dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine wanes within six months, but the antibodies remained effective against it in lab tests, a new study finds.

    Researchers analyzed antibody levels in volunteers who received the booster after two doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine. Within four weeks of their third dose, antibody l...

    Pfizer Begins Testing a COVID Vaccine Targeted to Omicron

    Pfizer Inc. announced Tuesday that it has launched a trial that will compare its existing COVID-19 vaccine against a new version tailored to beat back the highly contagious Omicron variant.

    "While current research and real-world data show that boosters continue to provide a high level of protection against severe disease and hospitalization with Omicron, we recognize the need to be prepar...

    Pandemic to Endemic: Is a New Normal Near?

    It has begun to feel like a pandemic that will never end, but public health experts now say the Omicron variant may be ushering in a "new normal," where COVID-19 becomes an endemic, but manageable, disease.

    "I do feel that we are moving into a transition phase in the pandemic, and I do th...

    Vaccination Key to 'Super Immunity' Against COVID-19

    Coronavirus infections before or after vaccination provide equal levels of increased immunity, and the key to this so-called "super immunity" is to be vaccinated, researchers report.

    "It makes no difference whether you get infected-and-then-vaccinated, or if you get vaccinated-and-then-a-breakthrough infection," said study co-senior author Fikadu Tafesse. He is an assistant professor of m...

    COVID Vaccine Won't Affect Fertility, But Getting COVID Might

    One less excuse to avoid that COVID vaccine: The shots don't affect fertility in either men or women, new research shows, but coronavirus infection could cause short-term fertility problems in men.

    "Many reproductive-aged individuals have cited concerns about fertility as a reason for remaining unvaccinated," said lead study author Amelia Wesselink. She is research assistant professor of ...

    COVID Boosters Keep Older Americans Out of Hospitals: CDC

    The risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 among older Americans is far higher for those who are unvaccinated than for those who are fully vaccinated and have had a booster shot, new government data shows.

    The differences were stark: In December, unvaccinated people 50 and older were 17 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 than those who had completed the initial immunization...

    L.A. County Scenario Suggests COVID 'Herd Immunity' Is Unlikely

    Herd immunity against COVID-19 is unlikely, and coping with the disease will likely hinge on vaccination, treatment and ensuring adequate hospital capacity, a new study conducted in Los Angeles County claims.

    With herd immunity, most people have antibodies from vaccination or prior infection, so a virus has...

    Arthritis & the COVID Vaccine: What You Need to Know

    Some arthritis drugs may reduce the effectiveness of COVID vaccines, according to the Arthritis Foundation, which also offers advice on booster shots.

    Research is limited, but evidence suggests that disease-modifying

  • Robert Preidt
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  • January 21, 2022
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  • Another Study Finds Vaccine Booster 'Neutralizes' Omicron

    If you need more proof that a third shot of COVID vaccine is needed, new British research confirms that boosters can "neutralize" the virus' Omicron variant.

    To arrive at that conclusion, they analyzed 620 blood samples from 364 health care workers and staff at the Francis Crick Institute and the National Institute for Health Research UCLH Biomedical Research Centre, in London.


    Vaccination Plus Prior Infection Best Defense Against COVID

    Think your prior bout of COVID shields you enough from another encounter with the coronavirus? New research suggests that adding in vaccination is still your best bet.

    A combination of vaccination and prior infection offers the most optimal protection against infection with COVID-19, a new government study shows.

    Researchers analyzed data on infections in New York and California in ...

    WHO Says Worst of Pandemic Could Ease This Year if Vaccine Inequities Erased

    If COVID-19 vaccines and medicines are shared equally worldwide, the pandemic could ease this year, a top World Health Organization official said Tuesday.

    However, if wealthier countries don't share their resources with poorer countries, there will continue to be high rates of deaths and hospitalizations, warned Dr. Michael Ryan, head of emergencies at WHO.

    “What we need to do is ...

    No Side Effects From Your COVID Vaccine? Don't Worry, It's Still Working

    Even if you don't have side effects from your COVID-19 vaccine, it's likely still working to protect you, a reassuring new report shows.

    Many people who receive the mRNA COVID vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna experience body aches and fatigue that indicate the vaccine is triggering ...

    Too Soon to Tell if Omicron Will End Pandemic: Fauci

    It's too soon to determine whether Omicron's rapid spread will turn a pandemic virus into an endemic disease, America's top infectious disease expert says.

    That "would only be the case if we don't get another variant that eludes the immune response to the prior variant," Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week during the Davos Agenda, a virtual event being held this week by the World Economic Fo...

    Skipping COVID Vaccine in Pregnancy Brings Big Risks to Mothers, Babies

    Unvaccinated pregnant women are putting themselves and their baby at risk for serious complications of COVID-19, according to new research out of Scotland.

    For women who have the virus within 28 days of their delivery date, those complications include preterm births, stillbirths and newborn deaths. Infant deaths are four times higher among unvaccinated women,

  • Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • January 14, 2022
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  • COVID Vaccine May Temporarily Add 1 Day to Menstrual Cycle: Study

    Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 may slightly and temporarily extend the time between a woman's menstrual periods, a new study reports.

    On average, researchers found that the extra time amounts to slightly less than one day. It's something many women...

    Anytime Is the Right Time for COVID Vaccine in Pregnancy

    The best time during pregnancy to get a COVID-19 vaccine appears to be right now.

    A new study found that antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in nearly 1,400 women and their babies at the time of delivery didn’t vary dramatically based on when a woman go...

    Real-World Data Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Safe for Kids Ages 5-11

    New U.S. data based on nearly 9 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine delivered to kids ages 5 to 11 shows no major safety issues, according to researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The vaccine was first authorized for use in th...

    'Breakthrough' COVID Infections Can Still Be Deadly for Cancer Patients

    MONDAY, Dec 27, 2021 (HealthDay News)-- When fully vaccinated cancer patients develop a breakthrough case of COVID-19, most will become seriously ill and end up hospitalized, a new study finds.

    The conclusion stems from the experience of 54 cancer patients who developed COVID-19.

    Sixty-five percent were hospitalized following infection, while nearly 1 in 5 (19%) were placed on a mec...

    Omicron Cases Pass U.S. Peak Seen With Delta, But With Fewer Hospitalizations

    COVID-19 is again surging throughout the United States, with the Omicron variant already outpacing this summer’s Delta variant in the rate of daily cases.

    However, numbers of hospitalizations have not yet reached those surging numbers this holiday season, according to CNN. That may not last, experts warn, because tens of millions of Americans continue to be at higher risk of c...

    U.S. to Lift Travel Restrictions for Southern African Countries

    Starting Dec. 31, the United States will lift travel restrictions from eight countries in southern Africa.

    The restrictions were first announced in late November in response to concerns about Omicron, the new highly contagious variant of COVID-19. Omicron was spotted first in southern Afr...

    Three New Studies Suggest Omicron Triggers Milder Illness Than Delta

    In some heartening news for the holidays, three new studies that combed through early data on the new Omicron variant suggest it does not cause severe disease as often as the Delta variant does.

    On the other hand, Omicron is so contagious that it will likely increase hospitalizations, and...

    Going Viral: Flu Rebounds as Omicron Variant Surges

    Flu is making a comeback in the United States this year, with cases rising around the country even as the Omicron variant is surging, infectious disease experts say.

    "We already are seeing significant increases in the amount of influenza occurring across the United States, especially with regards to the eastern part of the U.S. and the central part of the country," said Dr. Tina Tan, an i...

    Biden Outlines Measures to Fight Omicron, Pleads With Americans to Get Vaccinated

    President Joe Biden laid out a comprehensive plan on Tuesday to help Americans navigate a tough winter facing the Omicron variant, but he also made an impassioned plea for every eligible person to get vaccines and boosters.

    "For the folks who aren't vaccinated, you may think you're putting only yourself at risk, but your choice is not just a choice about you," Biden said during a speech f...

    Biden to Fight Omicron With 500 Million Free COVID Tests, Military Aid to Hospitals

    President Joe Biden plans to announce his latest battle plan for fighting the formidable Omicron variant on Tuesday, with measures to include distributing 500 million free rapid COVID tests to the public, opening new federal testing sites, sending out hundreds of federal vaccinators, and providing 1,000 military medical personnel to bolster beleaguered hospitals.

    The measures, many of whi...

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