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Tai Chi Can Benefit Breast Cancer Survivors in Many Ways

Tai Chi appears to improve sleep, and as a result reduces inflammation and boosts the immune systems of breast cancer survivors, a new study says.

The ancient Chinese martial arts practice relies on slow, precise movements performed as the person breathes deeply and focuses attention ...

Tai Chi Might Help Seniors Counter Mild Cognitive Decline

The ancient art of tai chi, plus a modern twist, may help older adults reverse mild declines in brain power, a new clinical trial reveals.

Researchers found that tai chi classes helped older adults improve their subtle problems with cognition (memory and thinking skills). It also helped them with a fundamental multitasking skill: walking while your attention is elsewhere.

But while ...

Can You Stand on One Leg for 10 Seconds? You Might Live Longer

It sounds easy, but standing on one leg for 10 seconds can be harder than you think.

And your ability to do so - or not - may predict whether you are more likely to die within the next decade, a new study suggests. That's why an international team of researchers says the 10-second test should be part of routine health checks for a...

Sitting Tai Chi Helps Stroke Survivors Recover

Sitting tai chi provides stroke survivors with recovery benefits similar to those achieved with standard rehabilitation, a new study finds.

Tai chi involves a series of slow movements of the han...

Tai Chi Equal to 'Regular' Exercise in Trimming Your Tummy

Could exercise that uses slow movements and breathing, like tai chi, do as much for trimming belly fat in older adults as aerobic exercise?

It might. A new study found that individuals aged 50 and up who practiced tai chi for 12 weeks lost about as much waist circumference as older adults who did conventional exercise (such as aerobics and strength training).

Though tai chi is consi...

Could Taking a Swing at Golf Help Parkinson's Patients?

For helping Parkinson's patients improve their balance and mobility, golf may beat the martial art exercise tai chi, a new, small study reveals.

"Exercise is well-known to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease," said study author Dr. Anne-Marie Wills, noting it helps to improve gait, balance and fatigue, while offering a measure of depression relief. Several human and animal studies h...

Tai Chi Could Be Good Medicine for Heart Patients

Tai chi might be just what doctors should order for their heart patients, new research suggests.

Many of these folks experience anxiety, stress and depression. For example, depression affects about 20% of people with heart disease or heart failure, 27% of those with high blood pressure, and 35% of stroke survivors.

Tai chi is a mind-body exercise that combines se...