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Washington State's New Payroll Tax Helps Fund Long-Term Care. Could It Be a Model for the Nation?

Vicki Bickford is a professional caregiver, but lately she's been worried more and more about her own aging.

Bickford, 66, has aggressive arthritis that has required hip replacements and has now spread to her knees, as well as degenerative disc disease in her spine.

She's made modifications to help her stay in her home -- sliding glass doors, a ramp, a day basement -- but it has cos...

Disability Payments Can Help Keep Veterans With Diabetes Out of the Hospital

More disability payments led to fewer hospitalizations for Vietnam veterans with diabetes, according to a new report.

The research looked at 14,000 Vietnam vets who benefited...

Your Dog May Help Keep Disability at Bay

That daily 6 a.m. walk around the block with your dog may be tough but healthy: New research suggests the exercise and companionship is lowering your odds of developing a disability.

However, the good news doesn't extend to cat lovers, the researchers added.

They analyzed data gathered from ...