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How Drinking on Long-Haul Flights Could Threaten Your Heart

Booze could threaten a sleeping air passenger's heart health, particularly on long-haul flights, a new study warns.

Alcohol combined with cabin pressure at cruising altitude lowers the amount of oxygen in the blood and raises the heart rate for a long period, even in the young and healthy, researchers explained.

And the more alcohol a person drinks, the greater these effects might b...

CDC Investigating Illness Outbreak on Luxury Cruise Ship

The U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention is investigating an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness aboard a luxury cruise ship that sailed out of San Francisco on Wednesday.

More than 150 people on the Queen Victoria, operated by Cunard Cruise Lines, have reported episodes of diarrhea and vomiting since the ship first set sail in early January, the CDC said in its

  • Robin Foster HealthDay Reporter
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  • February 8, 2024
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  • Nighttime Driving: Know the Risks

    Driving at night can be risky business, as a dangerous combination of darkness and the glare of bright lights can make it hard to see the road, but one expert offers some safety tips.

    "If you have to drive in the evening time and you're not comfortable, try to stick with roads that you know and make sure you know where you're going so you don't have to be looking at street signs, which ar...

    China to Drop COVID Test Requirement for Foreign Travelers

    Starting Wed., Aug. 30, travelers to China will no longer need a negative COVID test to enter that country, officials announced Monday.

    China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin announced the plan in a government news release, marking a big milestone in a ...

    Move to 'Zero-Emission' Vehicles Would Save 90,000 U.S. Lives by 2050

    Consider yourself a lifesaver if you opt for an electric vehicle next time you buy or lease a new car.

    Electric cars can save millions of lives and reduce health care costs by improving air quality so people can breathe better and freer, according to a new report by the American Lung Association. Zero-emission electric vehicles don't emit exhaust gas or other pollutants into the atmospher...

    CDC Relaxes COVID Vaccination Rules for Foreign Travelers

    Travelers to the United States will now only need a single bivalent COVID vaccine from either Pfizer or Moderna to enter the country, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday.

    The loosening of vaccination requirements for foreign travelers comes as many other countries have already done so.

    "Because some traveler vaccine records might not specify whethe...

    U.S. Roadway Deaths Marked Small Decline in 2022

    Traffic deaths are down on U.S. roadways, but the small drop pales in comparison to the surging rate of recent years.

    Deaths in traffic crashes fell 0.3% last year compared to 2021, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). On average, crashes claimed the lives of 117 people a day -- more than 42,000 in all for 2022.

    "Any reduction in roadway deat...

    Vacations Are No Time to Take a Holiday From Allergy & Asthma Treatments

    Summer is almost here, and its arrival brings opportunities for many people -- including those who suffer with allergies and asthma -- to plan vacations away from home.

    A recent article titled "Allergies don't take a vacation"� in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology encourages those with...

    Fully Legalizing Marijuana Could Raise Car Crash Rates

    Marijuana legalization in the United States appears to be driving an increase in car crash deaths due to a jump in "intoxicated driving," researchers say.

    In 4 out of 7 states that legalized recreational cannabis, deaths from car crashes rose 10%, according to the University of Illinois Chicago study. On a brighter note, suicide and opioid overdose deaths declined in the states that legal...

    Plane Wastewater Study Shows How COVID Travel Restrictions Failed

    Wastewater research isn't for the squeamish, but it can get to the bottom of questions about such things as the effectiveness of COVID-19 air travel restrictions.

    Tests of toilet tank water from flights entering the United Kingdom helped Welsh scientists determine that steps meant to keep the virus from traveling among countries appear to have failed.

    "Despite all the intervention m...

    New Year, New Travel: Stay Healthy on the Move

    Travel can be fun, but taxing.

    As the pandemic ebbs and people venture back out into the world, an expert from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston offers tips for ensuring a healthier, more peaceful vacation or work trip.

    "Though frequent travel can boost your mood and positively impact your mental health, keep in mind that it's a two-way street,"� said

  • Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
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  • January 7, 2023
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  • U.S. to Require Negative COVID Test For Chinese Visitor Entry

    All travelers flying from China to the United States will soon be required to produce a negative COVID test or show proof of recovery if they've had a recent COVID infection, U.S. health officials announced Wednesday.

    The new rule, set to go into effect on Jan. 5, was created in response to a surge in COVID cases in China and the "lack of adequate and transparent epidemiological and viral...

    China Eases Travel Rules as COVID Restrictions Lift

    China plans to roll back some of its strict COVID-19 controls, including allowing more of its people to travel abroad.

    During the pandemic, the country has limited passports, allowing them only for family emergencies or some work travel, but the government announced Tuesday that it will begin taking applications for tourism passports on Jan. 8, the Associated Press reported.


    CDC Drops COVID Travel Advisories as Countries Stop Tracking Cases

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is dropping its foreign travel advisories for COVID. The agency explained that because so many countries have stopped tracking their COVID cases, it can no longer accurately calculate health risks to travelers.

    Going forward, the CDC will only post travel health notices about individual countries if there are particular concerns. This mi...

    CDC Stops Tracking COVID Cases on Cruise Ships

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ended its program to monitor COVID-19 cases on cruise ships, leaving the industry to manage infection risks aboard its vessels.

    Cruise ships experienced some of the earliest coronavirus outbreaks as the pandemic...

    Where Pot Became Legal, Car Crash Deaths Rose: Study

    Car crashes and deaths are on the rise in U.S. states that have legalized recreational marijuana, a new study finds.

    "Marijuana, like alcohol and just about every other drug, changes how you feel and how you behave. That's the purpose of a drug. And that changes how you drive. We all need to realize that...

    Safer Roadways Could Save 540,000 Lives a Year Worldwide

    Traffic accidents kill about 1.35 million people around the world each year.

    As the United Nations convenes a meeting on global road safety, new research suggests that if nations focused on key safety measures, about 540,000 lives a year could be saved.

    "The death toll from traffic injuries around the world is far too high," said study author Dr. Adnan Hyder, a professor at the Milk...

    Nearly 400 Crashes Tied to Self-Driving, Driver-Assist Technologies Since Last Summer

    Nearly 400 crashes have been tied to advanced driver-assistance technologies in the past year, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported Wednesday.

    Those accidents resulted in six deaths and five people being seriously injured, the agency said in the first large-scale safety report it has compiled on automated vehicles, the NHTSA said in a

  • By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter
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  • June 15, 2022
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  • COVID Testing Requirement Lifted for Travelers Flying to the U.S.

    A requirement for all international travelers flying to the United States to take a COVID-19 test within a day of departure will be lifted on Sunday, a senior Biden administration official said Friday.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined the regulation is no longer necessary, but will reevaluate the need for a COVID-19 testing requirement every 90 days, the ...

    Traveling Overseas? Follow This Health Checklist

    As summer approaches, you may be planning a big trip for the first time since the pandemic began -- but be sure to make and follow a health checklist if you are traveling to another country, an expert advises.

    That includes going to a travel medicine clinic, getting all the necessary vaccinations and packi...

    Driver's Ed Does Help Young Drivers Stay Safe

    If your teen is itching to get behind the wheel, new research underscores the importance of signing them up for driver's education.

    The study found that driver training and graduated licensing significantly reduced young newbies' risk of crashes.


    U.S. Extends COVID Vaccination Rule for International Travelers at Land Borders

    International travelers who arrive in the United States through land ports or ferry terminals will still need to show they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, U.S. officials said Thursday.

    But unlike visitors flying into the country, these travelers will not need to show a negative COVID-19 test, something which did not change with the

  • By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
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  • April 22, 2022
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  • Highway Death Toll Warning Signs May Cause More Crashes, Not Less

    Showing highway death tolls on roadside message boards in a bid to curb crashes may actually cause more accidents, a new study suggests.

    That's because they distract drivers, the researchers said.

    At least 27 states have used s...

    U.S. Justice Department Appeals Ruling Striking Down Mask Mandate on Planes

    The Biden administration on Wednesday appealed a Florida ruling that struck down a federal mask mandate for planes, trains and other forms of public transportation.

    The announcement, made by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, came after the agency deemed the manda...

    Major Airlines Drop Mask Mandate After Federal Judge Rules Against It

    Just hours after a Florida judge struck down a federal mask mandate on planes and other forms of public transportation, major airlines announced Monday that they will no longer require face coverings on domestic flights.

    The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will also stop enforcing the mandate for now: A Biden administration official told reporters Monday evening that the...

    CDC Extends Mask Mandates on Planes, Trains to May 3

    A federal mask mandate for planes, trains, airports and some bus services that was set to expire in five days will be extended until May 3, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday.

    The spread of the Omicron subvariant BA.2 - which now ...

    CDC Lifts Warning on Cruise Ship Travel

    A two-year advisory that warned Americans against going on cruises has been dropped by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The agency first warned Americans against cruise ship travel in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, and last year said there was an increased risk of getting infected when ...

    21 States Sue to Overturn CDC's Public Transport Mask Mandate

    The U.S. government's mask mandate for people on planes, trains, ferries and other modes of public transportation has been challenged in a lawsuit filed by 21 states on Tuesday.

    The mask mandate exceeds the authority of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

    Health Experts Support End to Masks, Tests for Air Travel

    U.S. airline companies want an end to mask and COVID testing rules for air travel -- and many top infectious disease and public health experts agree with them.

    The chief executives of the country's largest airlines asked President Joe Biden in a

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  • March 25, 2022
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  • Airlines Ask Biden to Drop Mask Mandates, COVID Testing

    As coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths drop across the United States, the chief executives of the country's largest airlines have asked President Joe Biden to let a federal mask mandate at airports and on planes to lapse next month.

    Also included in the request is the dropping of COVID testing for international travelers arriving in the United States.

    "Much has changed since the...

    U.S. Airplane, Train and Transit Mask Mandates Extended to April 18

    Mask mandates for airplanes, trains and transit hubs that were set to expire next week will be extended to April 18, the Biden administration is expected to announce Thursday.

    Between now and mid-April, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will work with other federal agencies "to help inform a revised policy framework for when, and under what circumstances, masks should be...

    COVID Travel Rules to Europe May Be Lifted for Vaccinated

    All testing and quarantine requirements for travelers to European Union member nations should be lifted next month for those who are vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19, the European Council said Tuesday.

    That would include people who received their last dose of their primary vaccination series at least 14 days and no more than 270 days before their arrival, or have received their ...

    Boris Johnson Lifts Last COVID Restrictions in England

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday that his government will end all remaining coronavirus restrictions in England, including the requirement for people with COVID-19 to self-isolate.

    In a news conference, Johnson said the country was moving to a m...

    People High on Pot Used a Driving Simulator. Here's What Happened

    You smoked a joint an hour and a half ago. Now it's worn off enough that you feel fine to get behind the wheel.

    But you're fooling yourself, a new study says. You're likely about to drive under the influence of weed, endangering yourself and others.

    Marijuana ...

    Driving Both High and Drunk More Dangerous Than Either Alone: Study

    The hazards of drunken driving are well known, and a new research review shows that adding pot to the mix only makes matters worse.

    The analysis of 57 past studies found that the combination of alcohol and marijua...

    EU Eases COVID-19 Travel Rules Within the Bloc for Fully Vaccinated

    European Union residents should be able to move freely between the 27 member nations if they've been vaccinated in the past nine months or have recently recovered from coronavirus infection, bloc officials said Tuesday.

    The announcement was made a day after the World Health Organization (WHO) said the spread of the

  • Robert Preidt
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  • January 25, 2022
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  • England to Lift Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Visitors

    Coronavirus testing requirements for vaccinated people arriving in England will be scrapped, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday.

    Details about the changes are to be provided later in the day by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, the Associated Press reported.

    To "show that this country is open for business, open for travelers, you will see changes so that ...

    COVID Restrictions Eased in England

    Numerous COVID restrictions will be dropped in England because government experts believe the Omicron variant "has now peaked nationally," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday.

    As of Jan. 27, COVID-19 passes will no longer be needed to enter large-scale events and the use of face masks in public schools will no longer be required. After that day,

  • Robert Preidt
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  • January 19, 2022
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  • More Folks Drive High When Pot Made Legal: Study

    Here's more evidence that marijuana may make driving more dangerous: As pot has been legalized in more countries and states, a greater number of people are driving intoxicated by the drug and crashing, researchers report.

    THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, has been detected in twice as many injured Canadian drivers since 2018, when

  • Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter
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  • January 13, 2022
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  • Americans Should Avoid Travel to Canada: CDC

    Americans should avoid travel to Canada due to "very high" levels of COVID-19 cases in that country, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.

    The agency placed Canada under a Level 4 travel health notice, which is the highest category and includes other countries such as France, Germany, Britain, Spain and South Africa.

    "Because of the current situation ...

    UK Eases COVID Testing Rules for International Visitors

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday announced that pre-departure tests for people traveling to the United Kingdom will no longer be required because restrictions meant to contain the international spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant are now meaningless.

    The chang...

    More Flights Canceled as Omicron Continues to Hit Flight Crews

    The Omicron variant continued to keep flights grounded on Monday as airlines canceled at least 2,400 more flights around the world, including 900 in the United States.

    Several airlines acknowledged that COVID-19 was contributing significantly to the cancellations, not just the usual bad weather and maintenance issues, the New York Times reported.

    A JetBlue spokesma...

    Science Shows Safest Plane Seating to Cut COVID Spread

    Taking to the skies for a long-awaited holiday?

    Choose your seat on the plane wisely and don't overlook familiar steps like keeping your mask on to reduce your odds for getting COVID-19 or another contagious disease, experts suggest.

    "Spacing is an obvious challenge on airplanes, especially when the planes are filled at or near capacity over the holiday season. So anything that can...

    U.S. to Lift Travel Restrictions for Southern African Countries

    Starting Dec. 31, the United States will lift travel restrictions from eight countries in southern Africa.

    The restrictions were first announced in late November in response to concerns about Omicron, the new highly contagious variant of COVID-19. Omicron was spotted first in southern Afr...

    Teens With Autism and Driving: Often a Tough Discussion

    Determining whether a young person with autism is ready to drive can be tricky for their health care providers.

    That's the upshot of a new survey that included 78 pediatric physicians, psychologists and other providers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

    Half of the respondents said they routinely...

    48 COVID Cases Reported on World's Largest Cruise Ship

    At least 48 passengers and crew members on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas -- the world's largest cruise ship -- have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been quarantined, the company said Monday.

    Of the 48 people who tested positive during the sailing, 98% were fully vaccinated. That's not surprising, since the overall vaccination rate among the nearly 6,100 passengers and crew ...

    Report Finds World Ill-Prepared for Next Pandemic

    The world isn't ready to prevent or deal with another pandemic because many nations aren't taking the necessary steps to prepare for what is likely an inevitable future scenario, a new report shows.

    The Global Health Security (GHS) index -- an assessment of preparedness for various health emergencies and problems -- is produced by the Nuclear Threat Initiative, Economist Impact and the Jo...

    Half of Drinkers Who Think They're Fit to Drive Are Wrong: Study

    If you think you're fine to drive after drinking, there's a good chance you're wrong, new research shows.

    The study found that despite being over the legal driving limit, half of the participants believed they were safe to drive.

    The study included 90 volunteers, average age 24, in Germany who drank either wine or beer until they reached a maximum breath alcohol concentration (BrAC)...

    First U.S. Omicron Case Reported in California

    The first confirmed U.S. case of the Omicron variant has been reported in California, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday.

    The patient was a traveler, apparently from the San Francisco area, who returned from South Africa on Nov. 22, the CDC said in a statement<...

    CDC to Toughen COVID Testing for International Travelers

    As the world struggles with ways to stem the spread of the new Omicron variant, the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday that international travelers to the United States will soon have to provide a negative result from a coronavirus test taken within 24 hours of departure.

    That's a much tighter turnaround: Current rules allow fully vaccinated people to take a ...