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Tips To Getting Your Rosacea Under Control

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness on a person's face.

It commonly appears as a tendency to blush or flush more easily, but also can cause more serious symptoms like:

  • Swollen skin.

  • Skin that stings, burns or is very sensitive.

  • Visible broken blood vessels.

  • Acne-like breakouts.

  • Oily skin.

  • ...

CBD and Cannabis Products for Acne, Psoriasis? Buyer Beware, Dermatologists Say

Growing numbers of folks are turning to CBD or cannabis products to treat skin conditions like acne or rosacea, but researchers warn that the science on their safety and power hasn't kept up with demand.

When more than 500 adults were asked about their use of CBD (cannabidiol) or marijuana, fully 17.6% said they used an over-the-counter

  • Denise Mann HealthDay Reporter
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  • January 17, 2022
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  • Dermatologists Cut Back on Antibiotics But Still Prescribe the Most

    U.S. dermatologists are prescribing fewer antibiotics overall but are writing more short-term orders for the drugs, a new study finds.

    Dermatologists prescribe more antibiotics per doctor than any other medical specialty -- more than 7.1 million prescriptions per year, the University of Pennsylvania researchers said.

    According to their analysis of 2008-2016 data from private...