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04 Aug

Foods High in Added Sugars May Raise Your Risk for Kidney Stones, New Study Finds

Consuming too many foods and beverages with added sugars may increase your odds for kidney stones, researchers say.

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High-Alkaline Water Won't Prevent Kidney Stones

Trendy bottled water marketed as "alkaline water"isn't likely to prevent kidney stones in a person plagued by them, a new study reports.

These products tend to have contain less alkali than is needed to alter urine pH level enough to keep stones from forming, said senior study author Dr. Roshan Patel, a urologist with the ...

Your Microbiome Could Be Setting You Up for Kidney Stones

The pain of kidney stones seemingly arises out of nowhere, but new research suggests the body's microbiomes might help create the noxious granules.

In the Canadian study, people who had kidney stones appeared to share certain changes in the microbiomes of their gut, urinary tract and saliva that weren't found in folks without stones.

"We found not only that those who got kidney ston...

Foods High in Added Sugars Might Raise Your Odds for Kidney Stones

There is a long list of reasons to avoid high-sugar foods, and a new study may be adding one more: kidney stones.

Researchers found that among over 28,000 U.S. adults, those with a lot of added sugars in their diet were more likely to have a history of kidney stones. People in the group downing the most sugar were 39% more likely to have had stones, versus those who consumed the least sug...

Hot Weather Can Bring on Kidney Stones. Here's How to Cut Your Risk

Kidney stones are something most folks want to avoid at all costs, but few may know that the chances of developing this excruciating condition rise during the hot months of summer.

Luckily, it is possible to take steps to prevent stones from forming, primarily by increasing water intake and making small changes to your diet.

An expert from the Department of Urology at UT Southwester...

CBD Oil Won't Ease Pain After Kidney Stone Treatment

An approved CBD oil product will, apparently, not be the solution for patients trying to reduce pain after kidney stone treatment, a randomized clinical trial suggests.

"Urologists and patients alike are interested in finding effective alternatives to pain management after urinary stone treatment," said senior study author

  • Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
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  • March 13, 2023
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  • Though Often Prescribed, Diuretic Pills May Not Prevent Kidney Stones

    A new study is raising questions about the effectiveness of medications long used to prevent painful kidney stones, but experts say there's no reason for patients to toss their prescriptions out at this point.

    Anyone who has ever passed a kidney stone would prefer to avoid a repeat experience. And for many years, doctors have prescribed thiazide diuretics as one preventive tactic.


    Kidney Stones Can Be Excruciating. New Treatment Blasts Them Away, No Anesthesia Needed

    A new ultrasound treatment for kidney stones might provide pain-free relief while the patient is awake, researchers say.

    Kidney stones are often excruciatingly painful. In most cases, patients are told to just ride it out, sometimes for weeks, in the hope the stone will ...

    When Removing a Big Kidney Stone, Get the Little Ones, Too

    Anyone who has suffered through a large, painful kidney stone wants to avoid a repeat episode. Now a new trial confirms one preventive strategy: removing small "silent" stones before they cause trouble.

    When people develop a kidney stone that is painful enough to require...

    Had a Kidney Stone? This Diet May Help Prevent Another

    Anyone who has ever had a kidney stone never wants a repeat of the blinding pain that comes when it passes. Now, a new study maps out a diet that can help guard against that.

    The cornerstones of that diet include eating plenty of foods that contain

  • Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
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  • August 2, 2022
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  • New Way to Blast Kidney Stones Can Be Done in Doctor's Office

    A noninvasive ultrasound technique is capable of quickly pulverizing kidney stones, an early study shows - in what researchers call a first step toward a simpler, anesthesia-free treatment for the painful problem.

    The study reports on the first 19 patients who've had kidney stones treated with the ultrasound "bursts." So far, it's been able to completely, or nearly completely, break up st...

    Kidney Damage Another Consequence of 'Long COVID,' Study Finds

    People hospitalized for COVID-19, and even some with milder cases, may suffer lasting damage to their kidneys, new research finds.

    The study of more than 1.7 million patients in the U.S. Veterans Affairs system adds to concerns about the lingering effects of COVID -- particularly among people sick enough to need hospitalization.

    Researchers found that months after their initial infe...

    Your Blood Type Might Raise Odds for Certain Health Conditions

    Certain blood types may increase a person's risk of different health problems, a new study suggests.

    The research confirms some previous findings and reveals new links between blood types and diseases, according to the authors of the study published April 27 in the journal eLife.

    "There is still very little information available about whether people with RhD-positive or RhD...

    Pregnancy Raises the Risk for Kidney Stones

    Kidney stones can happen to anyone, but now a new study confirms that being pregnant may increase your risk of developing them.

    Previous research has suggested that a number of pregnancy-related changes in the body can contribute to kidney stone formation, but this study is the first to provide evidence of that link, according to the researchers.

    For the study, the Mayo Clinic team ...

    Mediterranean Diet May Help Preserve Kidney Function After Transplant

    Following a Mediterranean-style diet may help protect kidney function after a transplant, a new study suggests.

    Kidney transplants can be a lifesaver, but within 10 years more than a third of recipients start to lose kidney function, researchers say.

    To see if diet could make a difference, Dutch researchers looked at whether a Mediterranean-style diet rich in fish, fruit, ...

    'Don't Give Up:' Parents' Intuition Spots a Rare Illness Before Doctors Do

    Parents usually know their child better than anyone, and if a parent suspects something is wrong, it probably is.

    That was the case for Dan and Laura Wallenberg from Columbus, Ohio. EV Wallenberg was just 5 months old when they noticed that their daughter wasn't eating normally. They scheduled a visit with her pediatrician.

    "I knew something wasn't right. But the doctor ju...

    Are Too Many Kids Prescribed Antihistamines?

    Many U.S. doctors are much less likely to recommend cough and cold medicines for young children ever since experts advised against it in 2008, new research shows.

    That's the good news. The bad news?

    Physicians are still more likely to recommend antihistamines for children under age 12 with colds, despite the fact that they provide little known benefit, the researchers from R...

    Hydrate Right, Your Kidneys Will Thank You

    Downing the wrong type of drink when you exercise could put you at risk of kidney disease, a new study warns.

    Specifically, the threat is from having sugary, caffeinated soft drinks during exertion in a hot environment, according to researchers at the University at Buffalo in New York.

    The small study included 12 healthy adults who did long stretches of exercise in a laborat...

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