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Too Much Sitting Could Be Harming Kids' Livers

Kids who spend more than six hours a day on their duffs have a greater risk of severe fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis by the time they're young adults, a new study claims.

Children have 15% higher odds of fatty liver disease by age 25 for each additional half-hour of sedentary behavior ab...

Cirrhosis of the Liver: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Cirrhosis of the liver poses a significant health challenge worldwide. With no known cure, it requires comprehensive management to slow liver damage, alleviate symptoms and prevent potential complications.

Cirrhosis is characterized by irreversible scarring of the liver. This article will explore its causes, symptoms and treatments and will look at the day-to-day realities of living with ...

Is a Liver Dialysis Device on the Horizon?

A new liver dialysis device might soon be able to save patients on the edge of death from liver failure, early clinical trial results show.

The DIALIVE device safely improved organ function and alleviated symptoms in patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure, compared with others receiving standard care, the researchers reported.

If the device proves out in a larger trial, it cou...

Software Bias Misses Lung Problems in Black Men, Study Finds

A common test for lung function may be missing lung problems in Black men, leading to under-diagnosis and insufficient care.

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania estimates that as many as 40% more Black male patients would have been diagnosed with breathing problems if racial bias hadn't been built into diagnosing software.

At issue is part of a long-held assumption th...

Even in Advanced Liver Disease, It's Never Too Late to Quit Alcohol

Quitting alcohol can help reduce complications of liver cirrhosis, even in patients who have advanced disease. It can also help them live longer, new research shows.

"Our results clearly show that all patients with alcohol-related liver cirrhosis who maintain sustained abstinence from alcohol not only suffer complications of liver cirrhosis significantly less frequently, but also live co...

U.S. Death Rate From Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis Triples Over Two Decades

Americans may have a collective drinking problem, made worse by the obesity epidemic, new research suggests. The new study found that deaths from alcoholic cirrhosis have more than tripled in 20 years.

In 1999, alcoholic cirrhosis -- an advanced form of alcohol-related...

Is Rise in Liver Damage Tied to More Drinking During Lockdowns?

Many people drank more to cope with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions it placed on daily life, and now a new study suggests that all of this drinking is causing a serious spike in alcohol-related diseases.

"Incidence of hospitalizations for alcohol-related gastrointestinal (GI) and liver disease increased quite dramatically since the beginning of the COVID-19 loc...

On Waitlist for Liver Transplants, Women Die More Often Than Men

Frailty may explain why women awaiting a liver transplant are more likely than men to become too sick for a transplant or die before transplantation, a new study suggests.

Exercise and a healthier diet may help narrow that gender gap, researchers say.

For the study, researchers followed more than 1,400 patients with cirrhosis awaiting a liver transplant from nine U.S. transpla...

Big Gains Against Hep C Possible With Big Investment

Millions of hepatitis C cases and related deaths could be prevented, but it will require a significant investment, researchers say.

In the first study to model such measures worldwide, the authors concluded that sweeping prevention, screening and treatment efforts could prevent 15.1 million new hepatitis C infections and 1.5 million cirrhosis and liver cancer deaths by 2030.

Liver Transplants Tied to Alcohol Use Doubled Since 2002

The percentage of U.S. liver transplant recipients with alcohol-associated liver disease (ALD) doubled over 15 years, but significant regional variations remain, a new study finds.

ALD has replaced hepatitis C as the most common reason for U.S. liver transplants. One reason is that hepatitis C rates have decreased due to antiviral therapy. But a more likely cause for the change is the...